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A field founded in 1997 by multi-disciplinarian Howard Bloom to "trace the evolution of complexity, sociality, perception, and mentation from the first 10(-32) second of the Big Bang to the present."


The term "paleopsychology" was first used by psychiatrist Smith Ely Jelliffe in the early 1900s. Writing in the New York Medical Journal (1916), Jelliffe and psychologist Elida Evans stated "We wish to maintain the idea that there be other types of fossils to be studied than those derived from plants and animals, namely, thought fossils, and that to paleobotany and to paleozoology, we may add a science of paleopsychology"[1] Jelliffe wrote extensively on the subject of paleopsychology in various journals and published his major thesis Paleopsychology: A tentative sketch of the origin and evolution of symbolic function in 1923 [2]. Commenting on the work of Jelliffe and paleopsychology as it relates to mental health, psychiatrist William A. White stated (1920) that "man could not be understood if we limited our conception of him to the period between the time of his birth and the time when he first came under our observation. The individual was connected to his past through the ages by the phylogenetic line of his ancestors and all of those connections must be expressed in him, because the psychologic level of his reactions expresses total reactions"Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.

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