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*[[Health outcomes]]
*[[Health outcomes]]
*Changes in [[signs]] and [[symptoms]]
*Changes in [[signs]] and [[symptoms]]
*[[Routine health outcomes measurement]]
*[[Patient-reported outcome]]
*[[Patient-reported outcome]]
*[[Psychotherapeutic outcomes]]
*[[Psychotherapeutic outcomes]]

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In psychology outcomes may be conceived of as dependent variables those phenomena that we try to explain in our theories and experiments. In general we look at various factors as independent variables and processes as mediating variables and look to see how they affect the outcome of interest.

So for example we may look at the cognitive factor intelligence with the mediating process education and look at its effects upon an outcome occupational performance.

The complication in psychology arises because of the dynamic relationship between factors, processes and outcomes through time so that an outcome may be regardsed Outcomes of interest to psychologists include:

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