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The Outcome Questionaire is a reliable and valid self-report measure. It was developed as a routine outcome assessment tool.

The questionaire contains 45-item completed by the patient.

It assess 3 overall areas:

  • symptomatic distress
  • interpersonal relationship functioning
  • social role functioning.

It employs a Likert-style scale consisting of 5 choices ranging from "never" to "almost always" and has a maximum total score of 180, the higher score indicating greater psychopathology.

It takes 5-7 minutes to complete and 3 minutes for the clinician to score.


Norms have beeen developed for a variety of settings, including community samples, employee assistant plans, managed behavioral health settings, mental health centers, and psychiatric inpatient settings.

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  • Lambert MJ, Burlingame GM, Umphress V, et al.(1996) The reliability and validity of the Outcome Questionnaire. Clin Psychol Psychother. 3:249-258.

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