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The Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology (OTRP) develops and distributes teaching and learning materials for teachers of psychology at all levels as a service of of The Society for the Teaching of Psychology. The OTRP-Online website offers a wide rang of materials including:

Careers advice.
Classroom tips
A compendium of introductory psychology texts
Course syllabi in psychology
A database-teaching of psychology
Advice on diversity & cross-cultural issues
An electronic databases, instructor's guide to ethical issues in teaching
List of history of psychologyresources
Hints on film and the classroom
Resources for introductory psychology teaching:
Laboratory manuals
Outline of national standards for teaching the high school psychology course
Specification of outcomes, goals & objectives for the undergraduate major
Peer review of teaching
Advice on preparing poster presentations using powerPointT
Psychology and law resources
List of publication & award opportunities for undergraduates
Advice on scientific misconduct.
Advice on scientific writing

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