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Notional Functional Syllabus Edit

The Notional Functional Syllabus is base on pragmatics of learning another language. It is structured on functions in a culture. Notional means theoretical. Functional comes the word function which means action. Syllabus means an outline or points of interest in a study. So, all together, the Notional Functional Syllabus is just a theory of actions for a study, but not just any study. The Notional Functional Syllabus is intended for learners of second or foreign languages. It is not a methodology, because it does not tell one how to teach. Communicative language teaching came from the Notional Functional Syllabus, but a Notional Functional Syllabus cannot by call Communicative language teaching because it doesn't teach communicative competence.

What the Notional Functional Syllabus is made to do, is to give what should be focused on for language learners. If there were a Notional Functional Syllabus book, some of the chapters would be like this in order.

Introductions, greetings, good-byes.

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