The surge and necessity of psychological knowledge in Nigeria has increased in recent times and despite, not much has been written about the history of nigerian psychology [citation needed]. Every concept of the world including psychology can be traced to its origin. Moreso, public information about Nigerian psychology is far from being adequate[citation needed] and as it appears that Nigerian psychology is still stagnant even though there were actual progression in the areas of academic, organisational, corporate affairs/relations, and general mentality of the Nigerian populace. It must be appreciated that recent direction of academic psychological faculties have adopted most of the European historical principle and philosophy to both its rhetoric and discursive but have yet to consider these rich positions in its discourse to Nigerian's social environment. British and German psychology ideologies greatly influence Nigerian contemporary psychological knowledge with no practical impact on the politics and Nigerian economy. Psychological issues that will be address may include traditional belief about madness impact on the treatment of the sufferer; traditional herbalist; the soothsayers and various spiritual healers in Nigeria and their respective belief systems; the different cultural/ religious belief and how it shapes people psychological faculties; and several others.

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