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Nick Herbert is an American physicist, best known for his book "Quantum Reality".

After receiving his Ph.D. in Physics from [[Stanford University, Herbert took on several posts, in both the academia and industry, the most illustrious of which was senior physicist at Memorex Corp., where developed new magnetic materials, as well as magnetic, electrostatic and optical measuring devices, plus theoretical work on Lorenz microscopy. He was also senior physicist at SCM where he deveoped a new theory of xerographic process.

He also held faculty position at Monmouth, Illinois, where he was assistant professor of physics at Monmouth College.

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  • "Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics" Doubleday, New York (1985)
  • "Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics" Dutton, New York (1988)
  • "Elemental Mind: Human Consciousness & the New Physics" Dutton, New York (1995)
  • "Quantum Tantra: Quantum Physics as Deep Union with Nature" (seeking publisher)
  • "Alice Zwischen Den Welten" (with Bill Shanley)/ DVA 1999


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