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I think we only need to discuss stuff like vandalism, protecting pages, and admin only functions here. Rest of the stuff on the Community Portal talk page... Mostly Zen

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We should do this with Vandals:

  • 1) Check its not a mistake on their part
  • 2) Revert the change
  • 3) If it is vandalism, block the IP, no second chances.
  • 4) If they apoligize or ask nicely, their IP can be unblocked
  • 5) If we have lots of vandalism we can temporarily Protect the pages concerned
  • Anything else?

List of vandalism articlesEdit

For our perusal

List of IP's to watchEdit

  • This person User_talk: updated the main page badly and made no other edits. It might not be vandalism, but if they do any other dodgy changes we should block them. Mostly Zen 22:40, 22 June 2006 (UTC)
  • ...

List of Blocked IP'sEdit

  • ...
  • ...


Can we keep an eye on ensuring that people stick to capitals style convention with only the first letter capitalised in a phrase unless it is a proper name.I've been guessing at terms and found they have been capitalised wrongly and dont show up.Lifeartist 09:35, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

Page- starter formatsEdit

I've put some page template type things up so we standardize our new pages from the start. Comment first so we approve between us:

Bibliograpy etc page layout

Journal article record card- space to debate particularly interesting papers

Book record card

Psychology test record card

Course curriculum/session card

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