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'''[[Neuropsychological tests]]''' are specifically designed tasks used to measure a psychological function known to be linked to a particular [[brain]] structure or pathway. They usually involve the systematic administration of clearly defined procedures in a formal environment. Neuropsychological tests are typically administered to a single person working with an examiner in a quiet office environment, free from distractions. As such, in can be argued that neuropsychological tests at times offer an estimate of a person's peak level of cognitive performance. Neuropsychological tests are a core component of the process of conducting [[neuropsychological assessment]].
Most neuropsychological tests in current use are based on traditional psychometric theory. In this model, a person's raw score on a test is compared to a large general population normative sample, that should ideally be drawn from a comparable population to the person being examined. Normative studies frequently provide data stratified by age, level of education, and/or ethnicity, where such factors have been shown by research to affect performance on a particular test. This allows for a person's performance to be compared to a suitable control group, and thus provide a fair assessment of their current cognitive functioning.
==[[Neuropsychological test batteries]]==
Two popular test batteries are the [[Halstead-Reitan Test Battery]] and the [[Delis-Kaplan Test Battery]].
The following list includes tests from both, and other commonly-used tests. The Delis-Kaplan is a further development of the widely used Halstead-Reitan.
== List of neuropsychological tests ==
* [[California Verbal Learning Test]]
* [[Controlled word association task]] (COWAT or FAS)
* [[Continuous Performance Task]] (CPT)
* [[Iowa gambling task]]
* [[Lexical decision task]]
* [[Mini mental state examination]] (MMSE)
* [[Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test]] (PASAT)
* [[Pediatric Attention Disorders Diagnostic Screener]] (PADDS)
* [[Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure]]
* [[Stanford-Binet IQ test]]
* [[Stroop task]]
* [[Test of Variables of Attention]] (TOVA®)
* [[Tower of London Test]]
* [[Trail-Making Test]] (TMT or Trails A and Trails B)
* [[Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale]] (WAIS IQ test)
* [[Wechsler Memory Scale]] (WMS)
* [[Wisconsin card sort|Wisconsin card sorting task]] (WCST)
* [[Barnes Akathisia Scale]]
== See also ==
* [[Clinical neuropsychology]]
* [[Neurocognitive]]
* [[Neuroimaging]]
* [[Neuropsychology]]
* [[Psychological testing]]
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[[Category:Psychological tests]]
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