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neuromedin U receptor 1
Symbol(s): NMUR1 GPR66
Locus: 2 q37.1
EC number [1]
EntrezGene 10316
OMIM 604153
RefSeq NM_006056
UniProt Q9HB89
neuromedin U receptor 2
Symbol(s): NMUR2 NMU2R
Locus: 5 q33.1
EC number [2]
EntrezGene 56923
OMIM 605108
RefSeq NM_020167
UniProt Q9GZQ4

The neuromedin U receptor is a G-protein coupled receptor which binds the neuropeptide hormone neuromedin U.[1] There are two variants of the neuromedin U receptor each encoded by a separate gene (NMUR1, NMUR2).


  1. Brighton PJ, Szekeres PG, Willars GB (2004). Neuromedin U and its receptors: structure, function, and physiological roles. Pharmacol. Rev. 56 (2): 231–48.

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