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neuromedin U
Symbol(s): NMU
Locus: 4 q12
EC number [1]
EntrezGene 10874
OMIM 605103
RefSeq NM_006681
UniProt P48645

Neuromedin U is a neuropeptide which has a number of functions including contraction of smooth muscle.[1]

Neuromedin U exists as multiple isoforms (eg. 25 and 8 amino acids in humans) in some mammals, but only as a single isoform (eg. 23 amino acids in rats) in others. The relative contribution of the different isoforms to the biological function of neuromedin U is generally not well understood. Neuromedin U, like many neuroactive peptides, is amidated at the C-terminus. The sequence of neuromedin U-23 in rats is: YKVNEYNGPVAPSGGFFLFRPRN-(NH2) [1]

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