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Manufacturers of neurofeedback systems include:

Hardware and Software Systems

Manufacturer Name Hardware Software
Brainmaster Atlantis 2x2
Atlantis 4x4
Brainmaster 3.2
Also compatible with Bioexplorer
Brainquiry PET/QPET
EEG Info NeuroampCygnet
(based on BioEra software platform)
EEG Spectrum ESI PRoEEGer 4.2
Also supports some Thought Tech and J&J amplifiers
J&J Engineering I-330-C2 Mini
Mindmaster MindfieldSupported by BioEra
Mindpeak Waverider Pro
Neurobit Systems

Neurobit Lite
Neurobit Optima 2
Neurobit Optima 4

TeleDiagnostic Systems Alpha 200
Alpha 400
Supported by BioExplorer
Thought Technology Procomp+
Procomp Infiniti
Biograph Infiniti 4.0
Zengar zAmpNeurOptimal
Hardware Only Software Support
QDS Bioexplorer
Software Only Supported Hardware
BrainMaster TechnologiesBrainMaster
Brainquiry PET - EEG
J&JI-330-C2 Mini
Minder LabsPendant HEG
Pendant EEG
Pocket A1
Pocket A2
Pocket A3
Mind PeakWaveRider CEO
WaveRider jr
WaveRider Pro
Neurobit SystemsNeurobit Lite
Neurobit Optima 2
Neurobit Optima 4
Open source build-it-yourself EEGOpenEEG
QDS Systems Biosignal Research ToolsQDS NFK Access 2 EEG CH
QDS NFK Excalibur II 4 EEG CH
QDS NFK Quantum 8 EEG CH
Roshi CorporationRoshi I
Roshi II
Roshi II+
(above taken directly from
BioEra Pocket/Pendant-Neurobiotics
Neurobit Lite/Optima - Neurobit Systems
C2-Plus - J&J Engineering
Mindfield - Mindmaster

SmartMind 2

Captain's Log Cognitive Training System

Pendant (old and new) from Pocket Neurobics
PET2 & QPET from Brainquiry

C2 Plus - J&J Engineering

SmartMind EEG Station and SmartMind Wireless+ from BrainTrain
Brainmaster (all EEG devices, new and old) from BrainMaster

ProComp, ProComp+ and Infiniti series (5, 8 and 10 channel) from Thought Technology

WaveRider (all devices) from MindPeak

Note: The Captain's Log Brain Games provide over 2,000 Brain Building exercises that work

with SmartMind 2 to help train the brain better.

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