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Neurobiologist is a life scientist who is devoted to the study of neurobiology. Although the term is sometimes synonymous with neuroscientist, neurobiologists nevertheless take a biological approach to the study of the nervous system.

When conducting research, neurobiologists typically use model systems to answer specific experimental questions. These model system can either be invertebrates such as leeches, aplysia, drosophila, and C. elegans or vertebrates such as rats, mice, catfishes, and zebrafishes.

Training and educationEdit

In North America, most neurobiology training take place in Ph.D.-granting graduate programs from biological sciences departments, interdisciplinary neuroscience programs, or neurobiology departments. The person who attends such graduate program typically have their undergraduate training in biology, biochemistry, or some other related field. Once the person has completed his or her training in neurobiology, he or she will typically apply for a postdoctoral training that may last 3-5 years. After that, the neurobiologist conducts research as an independent scientist in an academic institution, governmental agency, pharmaceutical company, or non-profit organization.

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