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NeuroQuantology: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics is an interdisciplinary scientific journal that crosses the boundaries of neuroscience and quantum physics. NeuroQuantology was founded by Sultan Tarlaci, a neurology specialist.[1] The journal was first published on April 2003 (ISSN 1303-5150). It is indexed in the Scientific Citation Index. NeuroQuantology is published quarterly.

The journal describes itself as focusing primarily on original reports of experimental and theoretical research. It also publishes literature surveys, methodological articles, empirical findings, book reviews, news, comments, letters, and abstracts. Submissions are accepted in English and Turkish. The intended audience of the NeuroQuantology is scientists, other educated adults, and inquiring students, and emphasizes that articles be approachable by a cross-disciplinary audience.

References Edit

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