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According to studies that determine the subconscious mind's ability to absorb subliminal messages, the subliminal phrase "Mommy and I are one" is considered the most effective subliminal message to aid in self motivation.

This was discovered and presented in a paper by Lloyd Silverman and Joel Weinberger in 1985, titled "MOMMY AND I ARE ONE: Implications for psychotherapy", and was published in American Psychologist. . According the Silverman and Weinberger, this phrase works because "there are powerful unconscious wishes for a state of oneness with `the good mother of early childhood' ... and gratification of these wishes can enhance adaptation."

This has been met with considerable scepticism in the scientific community. But in their defense, Silverman and Weinberger also point out that:

  • Neutral subliminal messages, such as "people are walking," have no effect on subjects.
  • Disturbing messages, such as "Destroy Mother," have a negative effect.
  • In areas where the usual term for mother is something different, such as "Mama" rather than "Mommy," the phrase "Mommy and I are one" has no effect.

In a game of darts, researchers found the the phrase "It's OK to beat dad" improved scores.

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