Miklos Fodor

Miklos Fodor (32, MSc psychology and political sciences, and BA in business) is a well known HR-consultant in Hungary. He has built up his integrated theory on human behavior independently of the current mainstream and thinking in psychology research. At ELTE – Eötvös Loránd University – he studied psychology’s principal theories and models. Coupling this with a specialization in mathematics, he has integrated existing understanding in psychology using a system theory-based model.

This integration has produced a model that does not contradict the current mainstream. Rather, it explores and propounds the connections between the different theories. The model uses the findings of classic experiments based upon everyday life, and provides a better usable approach to ourselves. Each major statement is presented through easy-to-understand examples and illustrations.

Check out Miklos's recently published book: ‘Self-expansion, a NEW! integrated paradigm for Psychology’ on his site.

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