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Micro-emotion or micro - emotions as small emotion, compare with the big emotions: Love, hate, courage, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, pleasure and disgust etc, and according David Huron’s theory which is a domain of feelings are more subtle and much less obvious. The Micro-emotion can be divided into two types, negative micro – emotion, and positive micro – emotion. The negative micro-emotion like a sort of annoyances, according Randolph Nesses descript those rare individuals who are born without pain such as appendicitis. Instead, they suffer the consequences of serious circulation problems, arising because they do not frequently change posture. Negative micro- emotions are evident in the following everyday annoyances:

  • changing posture because of discomfort
  • visual glare, visual obstruction
  • itch (ask deep-sea divers who wear head-gear)
  • nasal congestion
  • temperature, discomfort due to coolness, heat, humidity
  • mild thirst & hunger
  • call of nature

Positive Micro-Emotions-There are exist small pleasures:

  • watching people pass on the street
  • the smell of flowers; new laundry
  • viewing a distant vista
  • rolling over in bed
  • a sip of water
  • sitting down after standing for a while
  • warm water on your hands
  • closing your eyes when tired
  • putting on some music

The evidence proves micro-emotions have physiological concomitants, which is tachycardia versus bradycardic heart-rate responses. Tachycardia responses are indicative of mild annoyance while bradycardic responses are indicative of mild interest. These responses can occur many times per minute.

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