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Micheal Eysenck (b. 1944) is a British cognitive psychologist and an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London and Bedford College. Eysenck has authored numerous textbooks of psychology, including cognitive psychology and for the advanced-level exams in UK.

His research focuses on cognitive factors affecting anxiety; and in recent years, has helped develop two theories in this area. First, attentional control theory (with Nazanin Derakshan, Rita Santos, and Manuel Calvo), which provides a cognitive account of the effects of anxiety on performance. Second, the vigilance-avoidance theory (with Nazanin Derakshan and Lynn Myers), which provides a detailed theory of repressive coping (the ability to cope with stress, when repraising events; for instance, letting go of cursing ourselves for not making to an event in time that would help handle stress more effectively).

Eysenck has authored or co-authored numerous publications, including several textbooks. In the late 1990s, he conceptualised the theory of the 'Hedonic treadmill', stating that humans are predisposed by genetics to plateau at a certain level of happiness, and that the occurrence of novel happy events merely elevates this level temporarily.

Michael is the son of another proiminent psychologist, Hans Eysenck.

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