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Michael Barkham is Professor of Clinical & Counselling Psychology at University of Sheffield and director of the Psychological Therapies Research Centre. He is involved in the NHS Priorities and Needs R&D psychological therapies programme.

He was previously Professor of Clinical and Counselling Psychology as well as Director of the Psychological Therapies Research Centre at the University of Leeds.

He is joint editor of the British Journal of Clinical Psychology, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society


He has published 150 peer-review articles in the areas of counselling and the psychological therapies and is committed to supporting the development of practice-based evidence as a complement to clinical trials methodology.

  • Barkham, M & (2010) Developing and delivering practice-based evidence: A guide for the psychological therapies. London:Wiley.

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BEd (Education) MA (Psychology) MSc (Clinical Psychology) PhD (Counselling Psychology)


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