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Metaplan, Metaplan technique or simply card technique is a system for collecting ideas (or Creativity technique) when a group of people are working together. The method was initiated by Eberhard Schnelle in Hamburg, Germany.

Apart from the simple visual technique as exampled, the method covers the performance of discussion butlers, known as moderators, as well as the structure of thinking processes within the context of group work. To become a highly experienced moderator, versed in the complexity of organizational problem solving and innovation, takes many years and interaction at the most senior levels of organizational decision making.

There are however many practitioners who operate at the lower levels to facilitate discussion using the simple starter tools as the example describes hereunder.

All people in the group write down ideas which came into their minds, one idea on one card. In the Brainstorming process it is important that ideas are not judged. Then all cards are collected and fixed on a pin board affixed with a sheet of brown paper. Only now the ideas are processed. The cards are organized according categories and may show new results of which the single persons were not aware.

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