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Brain: Mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve
The cranial nerve nuclei schematically represented; dorsal view. Motor nuclei in red; sensory in blue. (Trigeminal nerve nuclei are at "V".)
Latin nucleus mesencephalicus nervi trigemini
Gray's subject #187 787
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MeSH A08.

The mesencephalic nucleus is involved with proprioception, that is, the feeling of position of the muscles. Unlike many nuclei within the CNS, the mesencephalic nucleus contains no chemical synapses but are electrically coupled (Baker and Llinas1971). Instead, neurons of this nucleus are pseudounipolar cells receiving proprioceptive information from the jaw, and sending projections to the motor trigeminal nucleus to mediate monosynaptic jaw jerk reflex.

Baker, R.G. and Llinas, R. Electrotonic coupling between neurones in the rat mesencephalic nucleus. J. Physiology 212: 45-63, 1971.

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