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Mental order can be seen as the opposite of mental disorder but as a concept it has not had so much attention in western psychology. While we understand the processes that lead to disorder we have only recently started to develop a conceptual framework for looking at order.

Signs of mental orderEdit

Positive psychology has developed knowledge of the "symptoms" of a healthy mind:

Happiness Positive thinking

Developing mental orderEdit

Eastern techniques for developing mental orderEdit

Eastern and philosophical systems have developed a number of techniques of mental discipline which are said to bring about mental order:

Meditation Mindfulness Yoga

Associated concepts include:

See alsoEdit


  • Cloninger, CR, Svrakic,NM and Svrakic DM (1997) Role of personality self-organization in development of mental order and disorder.Dev Psychopathol. 1997 Fall;9(4):881-906.

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