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Memorize-It is a multimedia flashcard application that allows its users to create their own decks of flashcards which incorporate text, sound, pictures, and drawings. Using several testing methods—multiple choice, true/false, type-in, and honor system—Memorize-It can be used for any subject from preschool to medical school. Memorize-It was developed initially by W. Wood Harter to learn German while living in Germany in the early 1990s. While Memorize-It was developed for foreign language learning, and works very well for foreign languages, it is also suited to many other subjects.

There are numerous quizzing and testing systems incorporated within Memorize-it. One of the most interesting is the tachistoscope.

Memorize-It remains in development and includes many features which users have requested over the years.

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Competing SoftwareEdit

  • jMemorize (Free, open-source) Java]]-based program which uses the Leitner method.
  • VTrain VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) (Shareware) Spaced-learning system with a scheduling facility, used in 30 universities.
  • Winflash (Shareware) Award-winning system with Leitner and several other proprietary learning modes. Use PDA, iPod or your regular computer or laptop.
  • HandyCards (Commercial) Study software utilizing basic and advanced testing algorithms, including the Leitner method.
  • AceReader (Shareware) Software for memorization, and speed reading training.

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