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{{Auditory and vestibular pathways}}
{{Auditory and vestibular pathways}}
[[Category:Vestibular system]]
{{enWP|Medial vestibular nucleus}}
{{enWP|Medial vestibular nucleus}}

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Brain: Medial vestibular nucleus
Medial vestibular nucleus is not labeled, but region is visible near #10
Latin nucleus vestibularis medialis
Gray's subject #
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BrainInfo/UW hier-714
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The medial vestibular nucleus is one of the vestibular nuclei. It is located in the medulla oblongata.

Lateral vestibulo-spinal tract (lateral vestibular nucleus “Deiters”)- via ventrolateral medulla and spinal cord to ventral funiculus �(lumbo-sacral segments). �Ipsilaterally for posture

Medial vestibulo-spinal tract (medial, lateral, inferior, vestibular nuclei), bilateral projection via descending medial longitudinal fasciculus to cervical segments. DESCENDING MLF�Bilaterally for head/neck/eye movements

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