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The May Davidson Award is an award given by the British Psychological Society for clinical psychologists who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of clinical psychology within the first 10 years of their work as a qualified clinical psychologist. The award is given in honour of the late May Davidson.

Previous Award Winners:

Year May Davidson Award
1985 Bernard Kat
1986 Barbara Wilson
1987 Mark Williams
1988 Louise Wallace
1989 David Clark
1990 Richard Bentall
1991 no award presented
1992 Michael Barkham
1993 Simon Baron-Cohen
1994 no award presented
1995 Til Wykes
1996 Rachel Bryant Waugh
1997 Paul Chadwick
1998 Gillian Haddock
1999 no award presented
2000 Timothy Dalgleish
2001 Jonathan Evans & Peter Kinderman (joint winner)
2002 Tony Morrison
2003 Sunny Kalsy
2004 Linda Clare & Emmanuelle Peters (joint winner)
2005 Edward Watkins
2006 Willem Kuyken

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