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[[Image:Purple_Power.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Purple Marijuana]]
[[Image:Purple_Power.jpg|thumb|200px|right|Purple Marijuana]]

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File:Purple Power.jpg

Marihuana or Marijuana or ganja is a form of cannabis in this case the flowering tops of female plants,[1] from less than 1% THC to 22% THC; the wide range is probably one of the reasons for the conflicting results from different studies.

Psychoactive potency by cannabis plant part is approximately as follows (descending order):[2]

  1. Trichomes
  2. Female flowering buds
  3. Male flowering buds
  4. New shoots
  5. Leaves from flower buds
  6. Leaves in ascending order of size
  7. Stems of leaves (petioles) in ascending order of size
  8. Stems in ascending order of size
  9. Roots and seeds

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