Marghanita Laski (October 24, 1915February 6, 1988) was an English journalist and novelist. She also wrote literary biography, plays and short stories.

Born in London, England, to a prominent family of Jewish intellectuals (Harold Laski was her uncle), she worked in fashion, then studied English at Oxford.

She married publisher John Howard, in Paris, and worked in journalism. After her son and daughter were born, she began writing in earnest.

Marghanita Laski lived in Hampstead.


  • Love on the Supertax (1944) novel
  • Stories of Adventure (1946)
  • The Patchwork Book (1946) editor
  • Victorian Tales for Girls (1947) editor
  • Tory Heaven or Thunder on the Right (1948)
  • Little Boy Lost (1949) novel
  • Toasted English (1949)
  • Mrs Ewing, Mrs Molesworth and Mrs Hodgson Burnett (1950) biography
  • The Village (1952) novel
  • The Victorian Chaise-Longue (1953) novel
  • Apologies (1955)
  • The Offshore Island (1959) play
  • Ecstasy: A Study of Some Secular and Religious Experiences (1961)
  • A Chaplet for Charlotte Yonge (1965) editor with Georgina Battiscombe
  • Jane Austen and Her World (1969)
  • God and Man (1971) with Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) of Sourozh
  • George Eliot and Her World (1973)
  • Kipling's English History (1974) Rudyard Kipling poems, editor
  • Everyday Ecstasy (1980)
  • Ferry, the Jerusalem Cat (1983)
  • From Palm to Pine: Rudyard Kipling Abroad and at Home (1987)
  • Common Ground: An Anthology (1989) editor
  • To Bed with Grand Music (2001)

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