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Mara Sapon-Shevin is a professor of inclusive education at Syracuse University.

She is a critic of gifted education[1] and turned down an offer of a place for her daughter in a gifted education programme on the grounds that "I would never have wanted to raise a child who thought that she was better or smarter than other people"[2].


  • Playing Favorites: Gifted Education and the Disruption of Community, ISBN 0-7914-1980-0
  • Because We Can Change the World: A Practical Guide To Building Cooperative, Inclusive Classroom Communities, ISBN 0-205-17489-2
  • Widening the Circle : The Power of Inclusive Classrooms, ISBN 0-8070-3280-8


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  2. Cadzow, Jane: "Who's a clever kid, then?", The Age, October 2005

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