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In management, the ultimate measure of management's performance is the metric of management effectiveness which includes:

  • execution, or how well management's plans were carried out by members of the organization
  • leadership, or how effectively management communicated and translated the vision and strategy of the organization to the members
  • delegation, or how well management gave assignments and communicated instructions to members of the organization
  • return on investment, or how well management utilized the resources (financial, physical, and human) of the organization to bring an acceptable return to shareholders
  • conflict management, or how well management is able to utilitze confrontation and collaboration skills. Management's ability to be flexible and appeal to common interests.
  • motivation, how management attempts to understand the needs of others and inspires them to perform. Focuses on rewarding performance rather than punishing failure.
  • consideration, an effective manager is open to critics. Seeks to understand others' values and does not merely view them as a means to an end.

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