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Malcolm "Mac" MacLachlan is a Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin.



  • MacLachlan, M. (in press) (2nd Ed.) Culture & Health: A Critical Perspective towards Global Health. Chichester: Wiley.
  • Carr, S.C. and MacLachlan, M. (2005) "Knowledge Flows and Poverty Reduction." Special Issue of Higher Education Policy. Paris: UNESCO.
  • MacLachlan, M. and Carr, S.C. (2005) The Human Dynamics of Development. Paris: OECD Policy Insight Series.
  • MacLachlan, M. and Caball, M. (2004) Social Science in the Knowledge Society. Dublin: Liffey Press.
  • MacLachlan, M. (2004) Embodiment: Clinical, Critical & Cultural Perspectives on Health & Illness. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.
  • MacLachlan, M. & Smyth, C.A. (2004) Binge Drinking & Youth Culture: Differing Perspectives. Dublin: Liffey Press. [168 pages]
  • MacLachlan, M. & Gallagher, P. (2004) Enabling Technologies: Body Image and Body Function. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. [295 pages].

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