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The MB Shapiro Award is a late career award, given by the British Psychological Society, for UK clinical psychologists who have achieved eminence in the profession. The award is given in honour of the late M.B. Shapiro.

Previous Award Winners:

Year MB Shapiro Award
1984 Monte Shapiro
1985 Elizabeth Warrington
1986 Ralph Maguire
1987 Jack Ingham
1988 Andrew Matthews
1989 John Hall
1990 Fraser Watts
1991 Ed Miller
1992 Janet Carr
1993 Bill Yule
1994 Martin Herbert
1995 Jim Orford
1996 Geoff Shepherd
1997 John Teasdale
1998 no award presented
1999 Mark Williams
2000 Mary Boyle
2001 David Shapiro
2002 Glenys Parry
2003 Philippa Garety
2004 David Hemsley
2005 no award presented
2006 Bob Woods

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