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List of statistical topics - T-Z

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This is the list copied from Wikipedia Category:Statistics. It will benefit from further pruning. From this you can see what is already included and what may need copying. It will then need enbedding in the other sections and turning into courses, including in the glossary etc...

It is important to distinguish what actually needs to be copied over, i.e. what statistics topics are important in the study of psychology. Other statistics topics that are not directly related to psychology should be linked to externally, remember, this is a psychology wiki - not a statistics wiki.


Statistical phenomena Statistical population Statistical power Statistical process control Statistical randomness Statistical regularity Statistical significance Statistical theory Statistical unit Stein's lemma Stemplot Structural Equation Modeling Studentized residual Sufficiency (statistics) Summary statistics Survivorship bias


Testing hypotheses suggested by the data The Long Tail Total sum of squares Trend estimation Two-tailed test


Uncorrelated Unit root Unit root test Unit-weighted regression Unitized risk Univariate Usage analysis


Variance Variance-to-mean ratio Variogram


Wald test Wald-Wolfowitz runs test Weighted geometric mean Weighted harmonic mean Weighted least squares Weighted mean Window function Winsorising


Zipf's law

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