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Many of these texts address topics of interest to psychologists. The list therefore requires pruning

Historical textsEdit

Western philosophyEdit

Ancient philosophyEdit

Medieval philosophyEdit

Modern philosophyEdit

Eastern philosophyEdit

Buddhist philosophyEdit


Hindu philosophyEdit

Chinese LegalismEdit



Twentieth-century philosophyEdit



Philosophy of biologyEdit

Philosophy of chemistryEdit

Philosophy of mindEdit

Philosophy of physicsEdit

Philosophy of psychologyEdit

Philosophy of religionEdit

Philosophy of scienceEdit

Ethics, value, and social philosophyEdit



Business ethicsEdit


Philosophy of economicsEdit

Philosophy of educationEdit

Philosophy of historyEdit

Philosophy of lawEdit

Political philosophyEdit

Logic, language, and mathematicsEdit

Logic and philosophy of logicEdit

Philosophy of languageEdit

Philosophy of mathematicsEdit

See also List of publications in mathematics

Further readingEdit

See alsoEdit

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List of publications in philosophy

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