There are 6 subcategories to this category. B Body Psychotherapy C Cognitive therapy D Dreaming N Neuro-Linguistic Programming P Psychodynamic psychotherapy S Support groups Pages in category "Psychotherapy" There are 90 pages in this section of this category.Psychotherapy A Affect theory Alexander Lowen Analytical psychology Art therapy Autogenic training Autosuggestion B Behaviour therapy Brief therapy C Catharsis Co-Counselling International Co-counselling Cognitive analytic therapy Cognitive therapy Core process psychotherapy Counselling psychology D Dance therapy Deep Sleep Therapy Depth psychology Dialectical behavior therapy Drama therapy Dream Dutch uncle E Ego-state therapy Encounter group Esalen Institute Evolutionary psychoanalysis Existential therapy Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing F Family therapy

Focusing G Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy Gestalt therapy Group therapy Félix Guattari Jeffrey Guterman H Hakomi Holotropic Holotropic Breathwork Hypnotherapy I IBP Integrative Body Psychotherapy Integrative Psychotherapy Intensive Journal Method Intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy Ira Progoff J Jacob L. Moreno Jungian psychology K Karuna Institute L Life coaching Logotherapy M Margaret Mahler Marriage guidance Matheme N Narrative therapy Neo-Reichian massage Neuro-linguistic programming Neuro-linguistic programming/Workshop P Paradoxical intention Personal construct psychology Philosophical counseling Positive psychotherapy

P cont.

Primal integration Primal therapy Process Oriented Psychology Protagonist Psychedelic psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Psychodrama Psychodrama Director Psychodynamic psychotherapy Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration R Rational emotive behavior therapy Reality Therapy Wilhelm Reich Relationship Development Intervention Relationship counseling

Role reversal S Salvador Minuchin Self-relations Sigmund Freud University Vienna Solution focused brief therapy Somatic Experiencing Strategic therapy Systemic coaching T Telephone counseling Therapeutic metaphor Transactional analysis Traumatic incident reduction W Waking the Tiger

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