This list includes notable psychiatrists.

Individuals listed below are all physicians, and are board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, or are members of the American Psychiatric Association, or the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom, or another professional medical psychiatric association in a different country.

Additional lists of psychiatrists can be found at the articles Famous figures in psychiatry (though not all individuals at this list are psychiatrists and medical doctors)

Medical doctors who are psychiatrists and included in those lists; are also listed below:

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  • Leon Eisenberg (1922 – 2009), American psychiatrist and medical educator, first RCT in clinical child psychopharmacology, protege of Leo Kanner, author of early articles about autism and neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Joseph T. English (1933 – ), American psychiatrist, past president, chief psychiatrist of the Peace Corps, first president of New York City's Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • Milton H. Erickson (1901 – 1980), American psychiatrist, founding president, American Society for Clinical Hypnosis

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Ibrahim Kutty (1946 - ), Consultant Psychiatrist, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

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  • Aparna Menon , Psychiatrist, Australia
  • J. M. MacDonald First published the "MacDonald Triad"- three warning signs against children who may become serial killers.
  • Thomas McGlashan Professor of Psychiatry at Yale Medical School
  • Joseph Merlino, psychiatrist, author and hospital administrator.
  • Adolf Meyer (1866 – 1950) Swiss psychiatrist, past president, American Psychiatric Association
  • Robert Michels, M.D. American psychiatrist. University Professor and former Dean, Weill Cornell Medical College

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  • Richard Netsky, specializing in General Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry

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  • Gordon Parker Australian Psychiatrist, famous for work on mood disorders, in particular melancholia.
  • Issy Pilowsky Australian Psychiatrist, famous for work on abnormal illness behaviour
  • Philippe Pinel (1745 – 1826) French psychiatrist, regarded as father of modern psychiatry
  • M. Scott Peck (1936 – 2005) American psychiatrist, focused on love and spiritual growth

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  • Vamık Volkan (1932 – ) Turkish-Cypriot psychiatrist, political psychiatry

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