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A number of online neuroscience databases are available which provide information regarding gene expression, neurons, macroscopic brain structure, and neurological or psychiatric disorders. While some databases contain descriptive and numerical data, others include postmortem brain sections or 3D MRI and fMRI images.

A list that is regularly updated can be found at the Neuroscience Information Framework database list, which contains over 2500 databases relevant to neuroscience.

Name and External Link Description Organism Level (gene, neuron, macroscopic) Data (MRI, fMRI, images, descriptive, numerical) Disorder Register to view data? Ref
Allen Brain Atlas [1] Atlas, stained sections from brains showing development and gene expression Mouse, Human Macroscopic, Gene Images Healthy No [1]
Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) [2] Structural MRI images Human Macroscopic MRI datasets Healthy and Alzheimer's Disease Yes [2]
Bipolar Disorder Neuroimaging Database [3] Meta-analysis and database of MRI studies Human Macroscopic Descriptive, numerical Bipolar Disorder No [3] [4] Structural MRI images and Atlases Human Macroscopic MRI datasets Fetuses, healthy and prematurely born neonates No [4]
Braininfo [5] Atlas, schematic atlas of Macaca fascicularis Macaque Macroscopic Schematic images Healthy Yes
Brain Machine Interface Platform [6] Different types of data related to brain machine interface Human, Monkey Macroscopic, Neuron Images, Numerical Healthy No [7] fMRI coordinate database Human Macroscopic Descriptive Healthy Yes [5]
BrainMaps [8] Atlas, high resolution stained sections from brains Human, primate and non-primate (14 species in all) Neuron and Macroscopic Images Healthy No [6]
Brede Database [9] fMRI and PET coordinate database Human Macroscopic Descriptive Healthy No [7] / MSU Brain Biodiversity Bank [10] [11] Atlas, stained sections from brains and MRI images Human and 62 other species Macroscopic Images Healthy No
Cerebellar Development Transcriptome Database [12] Atlas, stained sections from mouse brains showing cerebellar development and gene expression Mouse Macroscopic, Gene Images Healthy No [8]
Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience [13] Many kinds of neuroscience results that are relevant for modeling Human and several other species Multiscale Spike trains, LFP, MUA, MRI Healthy Yes
Database for Reaching Experiments And Models (DREAM) [14] Reaching data. (Behavioral, generalization, adaptation, learning, spike, fMRI, uncertainty) Human and monkey Macroscopic Kinematic, Spike, fMRI Healthy Yes
The fMRI Data Center [15] fMRI datasets from published studies Human Macroscopic fMRI datasets Healthy Yes [9]
Invertebrate Brain Platform [16] Photos of dissections of invertebrates nervous systems Invertebrates (47 species in all) Macroscopic Photos Healthy No
Major Depressive Disorder Neuroimaging Database [17] Meta-analysis and database of MRI studies Human Macroscopic Descriptive, numerical Major Depressive Disorder No [10]
Mouse Brain Library [18] Atlas, stained sections from mouse brains Mouse Macroscopic Images Healthy No [11] [19] 3D models of real neurons Human, Rat, Mouse, Monkey, others Neuron Images and 3D data Healthy No [12]
NeuronDB [20] Database of Neuron properties and classification Human Neuron Descriptive Healthy No [13]
Neuroscience Information Framework [21] actually a meta database of neuroscience-relevant data incorporating over 100 databases like brainmaps, BREDE, ABA, MGI etc. Human, Mouse, Rat, Worm Microscopic, Macroscopic Datasets Healthy and Diseased No [14]
Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) [22] Structural MRI images Human Macroscopic MRI datasets Healthy and Alzheimer's Disease Yes [15]
Whole Brain Atlas [23] Atlas, Structural MRI images and PET images Human Macroscopic Images Healthy and various diseases No

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