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List of monotremes and marsupials

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The class Mammalia (mammals) is divided into two subclasses based on reproductive techniques: egg-laying mammals (monotremes) and mammals which give live birth (therians). The latter subclass is divided into two infraclasses: pouched mammals (marsupials) and placental mammals (eutherians).

This list contains the monotremes and marsupials. For placental mammals, see List of placental mammals.

Subclass Prototheria (the monotremes)Edit

Order Monotremata (monotremes, egg-laying mammals)Edit

Subclass TheriaEdit

Infraclass Metatheria (marsupials)Edit

Order Didelphimorphia (American opossums)Edit

File:Opossum 2.jpg

Order Paucituberculata (shrew opossums)Edit

Order Microbiotheria (Monito del Monte)Edit

Order Notoryctemorphia (marsupial moles)Edit

Order Dasyuromorphia (marsupial carnivores)Edit


Order Peramelemorphia (bandicoots and bilbies)Edit

File:Perameles gunni.jpg

Order Diprotodontia (diprotodont marsupials)Edit

Suborder Vombatiformes (wombats and koalas)Edit
Suborder Phalangeriformes (possums and gliders)Edit
Suborder Macropodiformes (kangaroos, wallaroos, wallabies)Edit
File:Bettongia gaimardi.jpg


See alsoEdit

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