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The English suffix -mania denotes an obsession with something; a mania. The suffix is used in some medical terms denoting mental disorders. It has also entered standard English and is affixed to many different words to denote enthusiasm or obsession with that subject.

Psychological conditionsEdit


  • ablutomania, washing or cleaning oneself => [luto-] (Latin) meaning 'wash' or 'clean'
  • aboulomania, indecisiveness => [aboulo-] (Greek) meaning 'irresolution' or 'indecision'
  • acronymania, acronyms => [acro-] (Greek) meaning 'highest', 'top', 'tip end' or 'outermost' | [-onym, -nym] (Greek) meaning 'name' or 'word'
  • agromania, being in open spaces => [agro-] (Greek) meaning 'land', 'soil', 'field', 'earth' or 'wild'
  • aidoiomania, sexual intercourse
  • ailuromania, cats => [ailuro-] (Greek) meaning 'cat'
  • alcoholomania, alcohol => [alcohol-] (Arabic > Latin) meaning 'alcohol'
  • andromania, human sexual behaviour/desire towards males (in females only) [obsolete - replaced by synonyms: nymphomania, cytheromania or hysteromania] => [andro-] (Greek) meaning 'man', 'men', 'male' or 'masculine'
  • androphonomania, homicidal insanity => [andro-] (Greek) meaning 'man', 'male' | [phono-] (Greek) meaning 'slaughter', 'kill', 'murder', 'homicide'
  • Anglomania, England and the English
  • anthomania, flowers => [antho-] (Greek) meaning 'flower'
  • aphrodisiomania, sexual interest => [-aphrodisia] (Greek) meaning 'Greek goddess of love'
  • apimania, bees => [api-] (Latin) meaning 'bee'
  • arithomania, numbers & counting [synonym - arithmomania] => [arith-] (Greek) meaning 'number'
  • arithmomania, numbers & counting [synonym - arithomania] => [arithmo-] (Greek) meaning 'number'


  • balletomania, ballet
  • Beatlemania, the Beatles
  • bibliokleptomania, stealing books => [biblio-] (Greek) meaning 'books' | [klepto-] (Greek) meaning 'stealing' or 'stealing'
  • bibliomania, books & reading => [biblio-] (Greek) meaning 'books'
  • Bracteomania, excessive production of bracts, a type of leaf (in plants only) => [bracte-] (Latin) meaning thin 'plate'
  • bruxomania, grinding of the teeth => [bruxo-] (Greek) meaning 'grinding or gnashing the teeth'
  • brycomania, severe bruxomania


  • cacodaemomania, one's own inhabitation by evil spirits (delusional conviction) [synonym - cacodemomania] => [caco-] (Greek) meaning 'bad', 'evil' or 'unpleasant') | [daemon-] (Greek) 'devil',

'demon', 'evil spirit', 'an intermediary spirit between gods and men which could be good or evil'

  • cacodemomania, one's own inhabitation by evil spirits (delusional conviction) [synonym - cacodaemomania] => [caco-] (Greek) meaning 'bad', 'evil' or 'unpleasant') | [demon-] (Greek) 'devil',

'demon', 'evil spirit', 'an intermediary spirit between gods and men which could be good or evil'

  • cacospectomania, staring at repulsive things => [caco-] (Greek: 'bad', 'evil' or 'unpleasant') | [spect-] (Latin) meaning 'see', 'look', 'behold' or 'examine')
  • capnomanioa, smoking tobacco products => [capno-] (Greek) meaning 'smoke', 'sooty' or 'carbon dioxide'
  • callomania, one's own beauty (delusional conviction) => [callo-] (Greek) meaning 'beautiful'
  • catapedamania, jumping from high places => [cata-] (Greek] meaning 'downward' or 'lower' | [ped-] (Greek) 'ground', 'earth'
  • cheromania, gaiety
  • chinamania, china
  • chiomomania, snow => [chion-] (Greek) meaning 'snow' or 'like snow'
  • chiromania, masturbation (in males only) => [chiro-] (Greek) meaning 'hand' or 'pertaining to the hand or hands'
  • choreomania, dancing [synonym - choromania] => [choreo-] (Greek) meaning 'dance'
  • choromania, dancing [synonym - choreomania] => [choro-] (Greek) meaning 'dance'
  • cremnomania, climbing cliffs => [cremno-] (Latin) meaning 'precipice', 'cliff' or 'crag').
  • cresomania, great wealth
  • clinomania, staying in bed => [clino-] (Greek) meaning 'bed'
  • chloralomania, chloral (alcohol and chlorine)
  • copromania, feces => [copro-] (Greek) meaning 'feces', 'excrement', 'filth'
  • cynomania, dogs => [cyno-] (Greek) meaning 'dog'
  • cytheromania, human sexual behaviour/desire towards males (in females only) [synonyms - nymphomania & hysteromania] => [cyther-] (Greek) referring to 'Kytheria' - another name for Venus (Roman goddess of love) or Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love)


  • dacnomania, killing.
  • decidomania, decisions {see decidophobia}.
  • demonomania, one's own demonic possession (delusional conviction).
  • dendromania, trees and forest => [dendro-] (Greek) meaning 'tree').
  • decalcomania, decal (decorative technique of transferring specially prepared paper prints to ceramic surfaces i.e. glass, porcelain, etc.).
  • desanimania, mindless insanity (condition) => [anim-] (Latin) 'living', 'soul' or 'mind'
  • dermatillomania, picking at the skin.
  • dinomania, dancing [alternate definition: - dinosaur obsession].
  • dinomania, dinosaurs [alternate definition: - dancing obsession].
  • dipsomania, alcohol => [dipso-] (Greek) meaning 'thirst'.
  • discomania, disco music
  • doramania, furs ownership
  • doromania, giving gifts => [dat-, dow-, don-, dit-] (Greek > Latin) meaning 'to give', 'to grant' or 'to offer'.
  • drapetomania, running away from home [pseudoscience]
  • dromomania, travel
  • dysmorphomania, one's physical deformity or abnormality (delusional conviction)



















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