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This is a list of topics in human-computer interaction.

General Edit


Related fieldsEdit

Hardware Edit

Hardware input/output devices and peripherals:

Interface design methods Edit

Usability Edit

Models and laws Edit

Interaction styles Edit

Interaction paradigms Edit

  • Time Sharing (1957)
  • hypertext (Ted Nelson 1963), hypermedia and hyperlinks
  • Direct manipulation (ex. lightpen 1963, mice 1968)
  • Desktop metaphor (197x XEROX PARC)
  • Windows-Paradigm
  • Personal Computer (1981)
  • CSCW: Computer Supported Collaborative (or Cooperative) Work, collaborative software
  • WWW (Tim Berners Lee 1989)
  • Ubiquitous computing ("ubicomp") coined 1988
  • "sensor-based / context-aware interaction"-paradigm

Miscellaneous Edit

People Edit

Industrial labs and companies Edit

Industrial labs and companies known for innovation and research in HCI:

Notable systems and prototypes Edit

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