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Research journalsEdit

Journal Impact*
Educational Psychologist 3.72
Journal of the Learning Sciences 2.28
Learning and Individual Differences 2.17
Review of Educational Research 1.96
Journal of Educational Psychology 1.69
Learning and Instruction 1.62
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 1.35
Educational Psychology Review 1.23
American Educational Research Journal 1.10
British Journal of Educational Psychology 0.92
Cognition and Instruction 0.80
Contemporary Educational Psychology 0.75
Journal of Experimental Education 0.73
Instructional Science 0.66
Journal of Educational Measurement 0.47
Educational Technology Res and Dev 0.20
International Journal of Learning 0.19
European Journal of Psychology of Education 0.18
Japanese Journal of Educational Psychology 0.08
* Citations per article from 2005 ISI JCR

Although not exhaustive, the table to the right lists peer-reviewed journals in educational psychology and related fields. The impact factor is the average number of citations per article in each journal.

A list of further educational psychology journals includes:

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