Basic topics in psychology include:

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Nature of psychology Edit

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Branches of psychology Edit

Subdisciplines of psychology Edit

Research psychology Edit

Applied psychology Edit

Psychological schools Edit

The most prominent schools are in bold.

History of psychology Edit

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Basic psychology concepts Edit

Adler, AlfredAggressionAlpha maleAmphetamineApathyAttentionAttention deficit hyperactivity disorderAttitudeAxon

Bipolar disorderBrainBrain stemBrain teaserBrain traumaBrain tumor

Central nervous systemCerebral cortexChild prodigyClinical depressionCognitive psychologyCompetitionConscienceCooperationCorpus collosumCriminal insanity

DelusionDepressionDeferred gratificationDistractionDreamDreamingDream interpretationDyslexia


Freud, Sigmund

Game theory


IdIllusionInkblot testInsanityIntelligenceIntuitionJung, CarlIQIQ test

LieLie detectorLobotomy

ManiaMemoryMental disabilityMental hospitalMentalityMental retardation

Neuro-linguistic programmingNeuronNootropic

PainPerceptionPersonalityPETPhobiaPineal glandPituitary glandPositive Mental AttitudePiaget, JeanProcrastinationProdigyPsychedelic drugPsychiatric wardPsychiatryPsychoanalysisPsychometricsPsychosisPsychotherapyPsychotropic

REMRational Emotive Therapy

SchizophreniaSelf-developmentSelf-helpSelf-improvementSelf-managementSenseSensory perceptionShock treatmentStimulusShulgin, AlexanderSleepSleep disorderSleepwalkingSubvocalizationSuperego


Visual cortex

Persons influential in the field of psychology Edit

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Leaders in psychology Edit

Psychology lists Edit

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See also Edit

Core concepts in introductory psychology

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