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Pages in category "Psychiatry" There are 85 pages in this section of this category.Psychiatry 3 311 (DSM) 5 5150 (Involuntary psychiatric hold)A Abbreviated mental test score Anhedonia Anti-psychiatry Archives of General Psychiatry Athymhormia Atypical depression B Benjamin Rush Bioenergetic analysis Biological psychiatry Breakthrough Burnout (psychology) C Causes of psychiatric disorder Charles Bonnet syndrome Chemical imbalance theory Child psychopathology Cognitive neuropsychiatry Copycat suicide Henry Cotton (doctor) Criminally insane Cyberchondria D Delirium tremens Delusional parasitosis Dementia Dhat syndrome E Einheitspsychosen

Emotional detachment Emotional dysregulation F Forensic psychiatry G General paresis of the insane José Augusto Seco Machado Gil Glossary of Psychiatric Terms H Hyperfocus I Insanity Institutionalisation Involuntary treatment K Kirkbride Plan L Laura's Law Liaison psychiatry List of publications in psychology Logorrhoea M MHM Services Mental confusion Mental illness Mental status examination Mini mental state examination Eugène Minkowski Mood stabilizer N National Comorbidity Study New Freedom Commission on Mental Health O Oneirophrenia P Personality pathology Postpartum depression Protection & Advocacy, Inc. Psikhushka

P cont.

Psychiatric and mental health nursing Psychiatric emergency services Psychiatric history Psychiatric hospital Psychiatric imprisonment Psychiatric nosology Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures Psychological trauma Psychotic depression R Reversed vegetative symptoms Rosenhan experiment S SWAP-200 George Savage John F. Schrank Ship of fools (mental illness)Sluggish cognitive tempo Douglas C. Smith Social psychiatry Socio-architecture Stress (medicine) Thomas Szasz T TeenScreen Texas Medication Algorithm ProjectTrashcan diagnosis Tweaking (behavior) W Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome Word salad (mental health) Y Andrea Yates

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