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Subcategories There are 19 subcategories to this category.A Addiction Anxiety disorders Autism C Childhood psychiatric disorders Cognitive disorders D Dissociative disorders


Eating disorders F Factitious disorders I Impulse-control disorder not elsewhere classified M Memory disorders Mental disorders due to a general medical condition Miscellaneous psychiatric disorders Mood disorders


Personality disorders Psychosis S Sexual and gender identity disorders Sleep disorders Somatoform disorders Substance-related disorders

Pages in category "Abnormal psychology" There are 39 pages in this section of this category.Abnormal psychology A Abandoned child syndrome Abnormality Acute stress reaction Adaptive Adjustment disorder Adopted child syndrome Affective spectrum Albularyo American Psychopathological Association Amotivational syndrome B Blindsight Body integrity identity disorder

B cont.

Brief reactive psychosis C Causes of psychiatric disorder Cognitive distortion Compulsive hoarding Henry Cotton (doctor) E Eating disorder F Fugue state I Impostor Syndrome Insanity K Kitsune-Tsuki Kulam L List of publications in psychology M Mental illness Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

M cont.

Mood-congruent N Neurosis P Post-traumatic stress disorder Morton Prince Psychological addiction Psychopathology R Reality tunnel Rosenhan experiment S Self-harm Boris Sidis Susto Y Andrea Yates

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