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Linsear Write is a readability metric for English text, purportedly developed for the United States Air Force to help them calculate the readability of their technical manuals.[1] It is one of many such readability metrics, but is specifically designed to calculate the United States grade level of a text sample based on sentence length and the number words used that have three or more syllables.[2]

The FormulaEdit

  • Find a 100-word sample from your writing.
  • Calculate the easy words (defined as two syllables or less) and place a number "1" over each word, even including a, an, the, and other simple words.
  • Calculate the hard words (defined as three syllables or more) and place a number "3" over each word as pronounced by the dictionary.
  • Multiply the number of easy words times "1."
  • Multiply the number of hard words times "3."
  • Add the two previous numbers together.
  • Divide that total by the number of sentences.
  • If your answer is >20, divide by "2," and that is your answer.
  • If your answer is <20 or equal to 20, subtract "2," and then divide by "2." That is your answer.[3]


As of March 2008, very little information about this formula and its implementations exists in popular or academic literature.

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