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Dartmouth College Lindsay J. Whaley is an American linguist.

Biographical informationEdit


Ph.D. (Linguistics) SUNY/Buffalo, 1993


Currently Chair, Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Dartmouth College

Main areas of interestEdit

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  • Whaley, L.J.(2006) Saving Languages, with Lenore Grenoble. Cambridge University Press.
  • Whaley, L.J. and Grenoble, L.(1998){eds} an "Endangered Languages: Current Issues and Future Prospects". Cambridge University Press.
  • Whaley, L.J.(1997) An Introduction to Language Typology: The Unity and Diversity of Language. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Book ChaptersEdit

  • Whaley, L.J.(2006) "Syntactic typology." In J. Song (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Typology. Oxford University Press.
  • Whaley, L.J.(2005) "Altaic," in Philipp Strazny (ed.), Encyclopedia of Linguistics, New York: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers.
  • Whaley, L.J.(2003) "Can a language that never existed be saved? Coming to terms with Oroqen language revitalization." In D. Patrick and J. Freeland (eds.), Language Rights and Language Survival. Manchester: St. Jerome's.
  • Whaley, L.J.(2001) "Language Loss and Culture Change among Manchu-Tungusic Peoples". In J. E. Terrell (ed.) Archaeology, Language and History: Essays on Culture and Ethnicity, pp. 103-124. Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey.


  • Whaley, L.J.(2003) "The Future of Indigenous Languages." In Futures 325: 961-973.
  • Whaley, L.J.(2000) "Oroqen Dialects", with Fengixiang Li, Central Asiatic Journal 44/1.1-26
  • Whaley, L.J.(2000) "Emphatic Reduplication in Oroqen and Its Altaic Context", with Fengxiang Li, Linguistics 38/2.1-18.
  • Whaley, L.J.(1999) "Language Policy and the Loss of Tungusic Languages", with Lenore Grenoble, Language and Communication 19.373-386.
  • Whaley, L.J.(1999) "Revisiting Tungusic Classification from the Bottom-Up: The Case of Oroqen and Evenki", with L. Grenoble and F. Li, Language 75.286-321.
  • Whaley, L.J.(1998) "The Suffix -kan in Oroqen", with Fengixiang Li, Studies in Language 22:181-205.

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