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As an editor of an academica Journal, we thought you would be interested in Psychology Wiki.

Our Vision

What you can do to help

    • Circulate our details to your members your staff and details on our Journals page
    • Use google ads as this is a new medium through which they might want to advertise
    • Think about implications for teaching, training and CD.
    • we are seeking legitimate support

Point out what they can GAIN basically.

They can come visit the site and judge it for themselves.

Questions: Consider publishing back catalogue for free online (as per PloS, an excellent project only cheaper!)

  • Copyright Policy
  • Open Access Policy

Opportunity to clarify this, ie can we add external links to pdfs they may host off site?

If you feel that this is a project which your members would find interesting, please would you consider promoting us in your editorial in your inhouse newsletters and, magazines and journals. - Link to press release

Signed Dr Joe Kiff.....

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