Leonard Talmy is a professor of linguistics and philosophy at the University at Buffalo in New York. He is most famous for his pioneering work in cognitive linguistics, more specifically, in the relationship between semantic and formal linguistic structures and the connections between semantic typologies and universals. He also specializes in the study of Yiddish and Native American linguistics.

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  • Toward a Cognitive Semantics (2000) -- two volumes
  • The Attention System of Language (forthcoming)

Published ArticlesEdit

  • "The Relation of Grammar to Cognition"
  • "Force Dynamics in Language and Cognition"
  • "How Language Structures Space"
  • "Fictive Motion in Language and `Ception'"
  • "Lexicalization Patterns"
  • "The Representation of Spatial Structure in Spoken and Signed Languages: a Neural Model"
  • "Recombinance in the Evolution of Language"
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