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Language: Linguistics · Semiotics · Speech

Historical linguistics

Evolutionary linguistics

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Key texts – BooksEdit

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Key texts – PapersEdit

Additional material - PapersEdit

These papers are at cogprints

  • Kastner, Charles W. (2003) A hierarchy of languages, logics, and mathematical theories.
  • Galbi, Dr. Douglas (2001) A New Account of Personalization and Effective Communication. Technical Report, WCB, FCC.
  • Kastner, Charles W. (2003) A theory of glossogenesis.
  • Evola, Vito (2004) Blending the Erotic and the Divine in Mystical Literature. In Proceedings Language, Culture & Mind: Integrated Perspectives & Methodologies in the Study of Language, University of Portsmouth (UK).
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  • Harnad, Stevan (2000) From Sensorimotor Praxis and Pantomine to Symbolic Representations. In Proceedings The Evolution of Language. Proceedings of 3rd International Conference, pages pp. 118-125, Paris.
  • Harnad, Stevan (1976) Induction, evolution and accountability, in Harnad, Stevan and Steklis, Horst D. and Lancaster, Jane B., Eds. Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech, pages pp. 58-60. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Zwaan, Rolf and Kaup, Barbara and Stanfield, Robert and Madden, Carol (2000) Language comprehension as guided experience.
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