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Klismaphilia (sometimes spelled Klysmaphilia) is the paraphilia of deriving sexual pleasure from enemas. Some practitioners in the sex industry offer enemas to cater to klismaphiliac desires. It is sometimes regarded as a form of anal masturbation. There are many movies, magazines and websites devoted specifically to this fetish. The term was coined in 1973 by Dr. Joanne Denko.

Most klismaphiles are heterosexuals, with the female being the one receiving the enema, and the male administering it to her.[How to reference and link to summary or text] Klismaphilia is often connected to a fetish for spanking, anal play, and, rarely, diapers (infantilism).[How to reference and link to summary or text] In many pornographies based on klismaphalic desires, the receiver is usually female and has to endure a spanking which is usually mild.[How to reference and link to summary or text]

References Edit

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