The visual learning software tool Kidspiration is published by Inspiration Software, Inc. and is used primarily by students in kindergarten through 5th grade to build graphic organizers such as concept maps, diagrams and webs. Students combine pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information. Compatible with Macintosh and PC operating systems, Kidspiration was developed to help younger students develop early literacy skills and more advanced students to improve comprehension skills and better organize ideas for writing.

Kidspiration can be used across all subjects, including reading and writing, science, social studies and math. Kidspiration has two primary interfaces, Picture View and Writing View. Students work in Picture View to create graphic organizers to brainstorm and organize ideas and explore relationships. Then, students can switch to the integrated Writing View to expand their ideas with words. Tools such as the SuperGrouper, which allows any symbol to become a shape that designates a group, and Symbol Maker, which allows students to draw and paint their own symbols, offer younger students simpler ways to represent ideas and relationships visually. Projects can also be transferred with one click to a word processor, including AppleWorks, Microsoft Word and Scholastic Keys.


Kidspiration comes with:

  • 1,200 built-in symbols to represent concepts and ideas.
  • Paired words and symbols to help students make the literacy connection in Writing View.
  • Speech tools to support auditory learners.
  • Symbol Maker tool to allow students to draw and create symbols for use in Picture View.
  • The SuperGrouper tool which lets students categorize and sort items into boxes and other shapes.
  • Venn diagram options for showing similarities and differences in a familiar format.
  • More than 75 ready-made templates to help students start projects quickly.
  • Support for drawing and writing directly on interactive whiteboards and Tablet PCs.
  • Syncing capability with Inspiration for Palm OS.

Inspiration Software, Inc. also publishes Inspiration, a visual learning tool developed for students grade 6 to adult, and InspireData, a data collection and analysis software tool aimed at students in grades 4-12.

References Edit

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